Yarmouth, Nova Scotia Take 1

April was cold, windy, and wet in Yarmouth this year. Yet, there were enough good days to go see the coves, beaches, waves, and from a distance, the lighthouse. The distance was caused by a movie being filmed, using the lighthouse setting in Yarmouth. So no tourist visits to the lighthouse for me. Still, even with the wind, and cold, and wet stuff that went from rain to snow and back to rain, I had a wonderful time and saw great scenery.

Here are a few of the images I took on the beaches around Yarmouth. There is more to come!

By the way, the reason for the visit was to meet a new great nephew! The scenery was in second place.

Postcard Competition

I’ve recently joined some camera clubs and have been challenged to submit images for competitions. I’m still getting my feet wet, so to speak, but am having fun selecting and submitting images.

CACCA (Chicago Area Camera Club Association) has an annual Postcard Competition and I selected two National Park images to the competition. Today, I heard that one got Award (Glacier NP) and the other an Honorable Mention (Grand Teton NP.) This is a fun way to start out my “club” experience!

These were submitted through Mayslake Nature Study and Photography Club.

Image from Paris wins award on ViewBug

Telescope atop the Eiffel Tower at night, with bokeh effect, Paris France, August 2016

I entered this image in a photo challenge on ViewBug. I am pleased to say that it won the People’s Choice Award for the “Bokeh-licious Night! Photo Challenge!” 

Preview of Cities of Light River Cruise

Over 2,000 images in 12 days! I just got back from a Viking River Cruise on the Main, Rhine and Mosel Rivers. Using the JPEG versions of a little over 100 images, I made iPad edits using Snapseed. So this is just a preview. Enjoy!


A Winter’s Expedition to See Eagles

Eagles on the Mississippi River are plentiful in winter, if the temperatures are right. Lock 14 has a viewing platform that gets filled with photographers trying to capture eagles, especially when they swoop down to grab a fish. It was about 15 degrees, and we were out about four hours, so being bundled up somewhat hampered movement. Or you just got cold hands.


Sunset over the Lake

My childhood home was in a town surrounding one of the largest inland lakes. Whenever I go home to visit, I’m drawn to the lake in all seasons, during all weather.  This fall, the sunsets were spectacular. All I had was my iPhone, but it proved to be more than enough. When the lake is still, the reflections are often as dramatic as the sky. Here are a few I captured in the moments before dusk. Click on an image to see it larger.

Brooms from China

I am slowly making it through my images from our vacation to China!  One small thing I noticed though.  I had a thing for brooms.  I took several images of just brooms.  Probably because they look so different from the ones we use here in the states.  I also have chains, doors, wall textures, and food.  Watch for some of these to appear as blog entries in the future!

High Dynamic Range (HDR) from My Travels

I’m just finishing a class on HDR and was finally able to work on images I captured last year in the National Parks, and this year in China.  HDR is sometimes about being surreal, but more often it is about capturing what our eyes see and adjust to, but the camera sensor can’t capture.  Our eyes are amazing!  Camera sensors have come a long way, but there is still a limit to how much range of light and contrast that can be captured in a single image.  HDR processing allows for multiple images to be taken of the same object, at different exposures, allowing a mapping to be done to create an image that has some of what our eyes can see.  These are just a few images I’m working on right now.  Most of these will be merged into the albums I create by subject and place.  But for this blog entry, I wanted to share some images that were hard to capture at the time, but with HDR, can be processed to reveal details.