Day 7 Nature Challenge: Cyan Snow Abstract

Cyan Snow Abstract Taken After an 18" Snowfall
Cyan Snow Abstract Taken After an 18″ Snowfall

To end my participation in the Nature Challenge, I’m showing a winter image. This was captured the morning after the 18″ snowfall last winter. After working on impressionism images, I went more abstract. What you should see is the color palette of nature, elements you may partially recognize, and an abstract representation of nature. This image is part of the Semblance series, which abstracts nature to images that are not seen as nature at first, until you look at the colors, shapes, and lines. The images, in effect, show you what your eyes can not see.

This ends my participation in the Nature Challenge. I do hope you’ve enjoyed my images. Most of my photographer friends had already participated, so you aren’t seeing new images on my timeline. It was a fun challenge!


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