My First Photo Restoration

This is the first photo I ever restored a Digital Photography class.  Learning Photoshop is a complicated process. I tried to restore a photo of me and my sister Nancy taken when we were very young, in a brand new red wagon. This is the damaged photo — I am on the left.

I worked on restoring this photo a couple of years after Nancy died. Restoring it was an act of love and remembrance. As I repaired the lines and scratches on this old Polaroid black and white, I felt a peace and calm, as if my soul was being healed in this act of love.

This is the repaired image of Nancy & Me in our new red wagon. It is better, though I have learned much about repairing photos since I did this first one. The class assignment also required me to “colorize” a photo. Now don’t laugh — it is a pretty simple job!

Losing a sister is hard. Knowing she is with her Lord helps ease the pain. Repairing this photo allowed me to open my heart to be repaired as well. I’ll post the repaired photo on the next blog.


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