“Breathe” has been the main image on my website for some time now. It was the key image for the series, “Hands That Worship,” a project that visually portrayed worship songs on the Michael W. Smith CD “Worship.” I put it on my website without copyright or metadata, a mistake I’m trying to correct with all new images. Breathe has been used by MANY blogs and websites for a host of different uses and meanings. I’ve only been asked once for permission to use it however. Go ahead and google “breathe” and look at images; it should come up near the top of the list.

A friend posed for this. It was captured on black and white film with my Nikon N80. I developed the film, then scanned it and printed it digitally. I was using 250 watt bulbs for lighting and got the focus and depth of field just right on this image. I was trying to get the effect of someone breathing life, using hands to channel the breath forward.

The lyrics to the song, “Breathe” include: “Your holy presence, living in me.” That is the subtitle of this image.


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