A House for God and Man

At the Melk Abbey Museum there are many rooms. The first few rooms are colored with lights to represent aspects of the Benedictine order and rules. Room 2 is called “A House for God and Man” and everything is green, except the artifacts. The walls, ceilings, fixtures, are all green. I listened to the tour guide describe the artifacts in the room and the historic significance to the ruling families, but I was focused on what the color green was doing to the feel of the room. This Abbey is still active and has monks that still live according to the rules that the monks followed since the Abbey was founded in 1089. They go out into the community to do work and return to the Abbey for quiet and solitude. The museum is a historic, cultural and spiritual center for this area of Austria. The Library is still used by approved researchers who can read the very old manuscripts. The Abbey sits up high and overlooks the Danube River and the town of Melk. The Abbey church is in the baroque style and is primarily gold in color. Overall, it is an amazing building and museum to visit! This image seems to fit with Christmas somehow, being green. It is a portion of the ceiling in “A House for God and Man.”

Melk Abbey - Green Room

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