High Dynamic Range (HDR) from My Travels

I’m just finishing a class on HDR and was finally able to work on images I captured last year in the National Parks, and this year in China.  HDR is sometimes about being surreal, but more often it is about capturing what our eyes see and adjust to, but the camera sensor can’t capture.  Our eyes are amazing!  Camera sensors have come a long way, but there is still a limit to how much range of light and contrast that can be captured in a single image.  HDR processing allows for multiple images to be taken of the same object, at different exposures, allowing a mapping to be done to create an image that has some of what our eyes can see.  These are just a few images I’m working on right now.  Most of these will be merged into the albums I create by subject and place.  But for this blog entry, I wanted to share some images that were hard to capture at the time, but with HDR, can be processed to reveal details.


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