Rhine Getaway First Look

I just went on the Rhine Getaway from Basil, Switzerland to Amsterdam in eight days. The first few days were cold, wet (even snow) and very cloudy. The last few days were gorgeous! I came home with a souvenir I didn’t buy – a bad respiratory virus and bronchitis. So I’m a bit slow editing my images with my new camera. I got a mirrorless, lighter weight professional camera, to save the load on my wrists, thumbs and knees. I chose a Sony a7IIIr and I learned even more about how to use it, and I also struggled with how to make it do what I wanted.

These images are from my iPhone 7. They are edited in Snapseed and the logo was added with a new iPhone app, Union. My technical workflow is not quite what I would want and took way too long!

Enjoy the first look at our Rhine Getaway Cruise on the Einar, Viking River Cruise’s newest longship.


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