Best of 2020

It was a very unusual year. No travel, so my home and yard became my place to capture images. There was a living room remodel that allowed me to explore more Construction As Art, which I shared on Instagram. I attended a workshop on Diptychs and Triptychs which opened my mind to new ways to display images, construct themes, and vary the composition. I took an Advanced Photoshop class that led me to some composite images — for me national park settings, European doors and windows and several plants from my travels. I enjoyed several projects with photography friends, emulating photographers from the past. I tried to capture the Bethlehem Star, the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter, and enjoyed macro images of Christmas ornaments on my tree. Not a bad year. I was healthy even though staying at home. I got through over 100 boxes of papers and lost 600+ pounds of paper in my house. All the while, trying to lose pounds off my body. A different year, a challenging year, and I’m ready for 2021.

The Best of 2020 images that I captured while doing all the activities listed above.