Dragonfruit: a photographic joy!


I was introduced to dragonfruit when I visited China in 2013. Occasionally, I find them at specialty grocery stores. I got two of these marvelous fruits this week. And, as my Instagram followers will tell you, I enjoy capturing images of this unusual fruit.

The dragonfruit, or pitaya, is grown on bushes in tropical areas. Florida is now providing fresh dragonfruit, as are other countries.

I’m often asked what it tastes like: think off kiwi but much milder. It is full of nutrients and is actually very low in calories. It’s just expensive. But I still love it!

I’ve updated my latest images to my Flickr account and invite you to enjoy them visually!



One thing I enjoyed about China was having Dragonfruit every morning. We can find it here in the Chicago suburbs, but not often. My husband likes buying one for me when he finds them, and I enjoy eating them! But I also enjoy capturing the form, color, shape, texture and nature of this unique fruit, as well as capturing the eating of it! Here are a few Instagrams I did of the process of thoroughly enjoying this fruit: