I just can’t help but capture images!

My best sunset photos are often taken with my iPhone in the grocery store parking lot. Maybe it’s because I run errands late afternoon and when I come out the sun is setting? I do know there are no obstructions. I point my iPhone up and there are no buildings, electric wires, street lamps or “things” to get in the way of the glorious colors and how they reflect on the clouds. This sunset image was captured yesterday after a quick run to the grocery store.

Then when I got home, I had to quickly grab my iPhone again because I loved the way the clouds and colors peeked through the tree branches.

We are still doing remodeling in our kitchen. The tile worker who did our floor and was so amused at me need to lay on the floor to take photos of row upon row of screws. He saw me get out of the car and said, “You just can’t stop taking photos, can you?” So true!

How many photos do I need of sunsets and clouds? I’ll let you know when I find out. Seriously, the colors, the rays of light, how the colors reflect on the clouds, the shape of clouds…need I go on?

Dragonfruit: a photographic joy!


I was introduced to dragonfruit when I visited China in 2013. Occasionally, I find them at specialty grocery stores. I got two of these marvelous fruits this week. And, as my Instagram followers will tell you, I enjoy capturing images of this unusual fruit.

The dragonfruit, or pitaya, is grown on bushes in tropical areas. Florida is now providing fresh dragonfruit, as are other countries.

I’m often asked what it tastes like: think off kiwi but much milder. It is full of nutrients and is actually very low in calories. It’s just expensive. But I still love it!

I’ve updated my latest images to my Flickr account and invite you to enjoy them visually!


Views from the BeachFront Hotel Balcony

We stayed last week at the Beachfront Hotel on the south shore of Houghton Lake, MI and had a balcony room.  Several days, I enjoyed capturing the sunrise or sunset from the balcony.  It was a beautiful view of the lake where I grew up. Days were spent on the west shore helping family with updating computers.


Pleased to have images selected for LenkaGRID

I enjoy using my iPhone 5s as one of my photography tools.  One App I enjoy using is LenkaCam, which captures black and white images with great clarity and depth.  I often post some of these images to my Instagram and Twitter feeds.  Two of my images have recently been selected for LenkaGRID, a collection of LenkaCam’s favorite images that have been shared on social media. In this case, both are part of a series I call Construction As Art.  You’ll see more images soon, but here are the two selected by LenkaCam.

Sunset over the Lake

My childhood home was in a town surrounding one of the largest inland lakes. Whenever I go home to visit, I’m drawn to the lake in all seasons, during all weather.  This fall, the sunsets were spectacular. All I had was my iPhone, but it proved to be more than enough. When the lake is still, the reflections are often as dramatic as the sky. Here are a few I captured in the moments before dusk. Click on an image to see it larger.

Daffodil Glade at Morton Arboretum

Sunset at Daffodil Glade seen through Impressionism
Sunset at Daffodil Glade seen through Impressionism

Every spring, fields on the west side of Morton Arboretum burst forth with thousands of daffodils, and other spring flowers. It is a photographer’s dream come true, especially if the weather cooperates. This year, I was anxious to use the impressionist techniques to see what splashes of yellow amongst the trees would look like. I went at sunset and the orange glow added to the ambience. Then I pulled out my iPhone 5s I with a new app, SlowShutter, to see what would happen. Pretty impressive!

I have a gallery on Twenty20 where you can get canvas prints, framed prints, prisms, and more from the Instagram photos I create. So I ordered a print to see what the quality was like. I’m impressed! I’m looking forward to matting and framing it!


Cinnamon Rolls on Thanksgiving Morning


These are my family Cinnamon Rolls, made from excess pie dough. I love family traditions. They bring back memories and make each new holiday connect with both the past and present. We’ve tried changes over the years. One year, Mom tried adding quince jam. Sometimes we’ve added chopped apples. My family seems to prefer the more traditional butter, sugar and cinnamon filling however. I’ve had to offer both a regular and gluten free version in recent years, but that is not quite the same thing at all.

Over the years I’ve made extra batches of pie dough to make extra cinnamon rolls. But this year, I wasn’t making the the pumpkin pies! That meant I wasn’t making pie dough. Not to worry- I made pie dough without the pies!

I wanted to capture the look and texture of the cinnamon rolls coming out of the oven. These were hot when I took my iPhone and captured a close up of the cinnamon-y rolls and twists of buttery goodness. I used Snapseed to crop and adjust the image to emphasize the layers of cinnamon.

How do you make these luscious delights? Make a batch of your favorite pie dough recipe and divide in half. Roll out in a long rectangle shape. Spread with soft butter. Sprinkle with sugar. Sprinkle with cinnamon. (Be generous with all three!) Start rolling up on the long end about an inch wide and keep rolling until you get to the end. Flatten the ends and fold under. Move to a cookie sheet. Score with a knife in about 2-3 inch long pieces, not quite through to the surface. Bake in an oven at 400 degrees for 15 minutes, or until they are golden brown. Then enjoy!

Sometimes you see the craziest things on side streets!

Our visit to Nuremburg started out great – until the rain started.  so we modified our route, took some side streets, and explored.  We wanted to be close to stores where we could get in out of the rain if it started up again.  And we found the strangest thing! Someone had taken it upon themselves to crochet decorations for the street poles.  You know, those poles that keep cars from driving on the sidewalk?  In this case, the crocheted decorations were of Star Wars characters.  It felt so out of place in the old town of Nuremburg.  It turns out that someone periodically crochets covers for the poles throughout the year just for the fun of it.  It certainly entertained our rainy day!

Clouds and Sunset


There is something about sunsets, and clouds. Here in Illinois, we can’t add mountains or oceans to the scene. We can add buildings and wires and poles, however. Most photos on Facebook of gorgeous sunsets around here are cluttered by buildings, cars, light poles and wires blocking the rays of sun that our eyes find so alluring. Our minds seem to filter out those distractions, but the camera is not so kind.

As I looked upon the gorgeous painting God was making in the Illinois sky last night, all I saw were the buildings and cars in the way. I was actually in the grocery store parking lot at the time, since daylight savings time had just ended and 4:30 meant it was now sunset for November. So I looked higher up, at the clouds themselves. I saw the puffy clouds, almost blue in the dusk sky, with the tinges of pink from the setting sun. Gorgeous! Without the rays of the setting sun, or the horizon that would give you placement, this image gives you out the chance to just see the play of light on the clouds.

Of course, what I had was my iPhone, so this is was captured using the HDR option on the iPhone 5s camera.