I don’t see many gardenias here in Illinois. When I visited family in Florida a few years ago, the gardenia bush in front of my aunts trailer was in full bloom. Needless to say, I took a lot of pictures. The flowers are so creamy white, with texture and fullness that it was a joy to get up close. I like the almost abstract feel of this image and the way the petals circle around and form a non-pattern of ripples and waves. Looking at this image, I can almost remember the smell as I captured images.

This image was in an exhibit in 2009.



Waiting at O’Hare so I thought I’d use the time to start a blog project: posting some of my personal favorite images taken over the years with a short story of what was happening at the time, where the image was captured and why it’s a favorite. I’m also learning how to post from my iPhone, so we’ll see how this looks!

I love the detail and sharpness of this image. I was in Punta Gorda, FL visiting my parents. We went to their local museum, which includes a marvelous collection of hibiscus. Hibiscus has always attracted me and I could probably do an entire gallery of images I’ve taken over the years! I’d never see this variety before and I liked the colors. The bloom was in peak condition, the weather was lovely and there was no wind. I was practicing with my then new Nikon D200 and I got the focus, aperture and composition just right.

This image was chosen on Flickr’s Hibiscus Wonder as a winner.