Sunrise June 7 2021 over Houghton Lake

Sunrise on the lake. I’ll be visiting Dad every month this year, and the highlight of every morning is what the sun will do. Color, clouds, timing, brilliance, all can vary and I can’t predict it. In June, it occurs early and I can miss it. Today was not as dramatic, but I really liked it. There were the pastel areas surrounding the sunrise, cloud character, and sun color peeking through the fluffy clouds. The lake is slightly rippled so there is texture in the bottom of the images, and an overall smoothness in the sky as potential rain clouds come into visit us today.

Amaryllis – the beginning

I got a gift of an Amaryllis for Christmas. I’ve been dutifully watering, turning it around and watching. The blooms are beginning to open. I got a new 35mm f1.8 lens, so I’ve been getting to know the lens and the Amaryllis at the same time. These are photos of the last two days.

Wings Gallery- Exhibit Opening

SpringTreeFleeting Moments Exhibit has opened at Wings Gallery, College of DuPage. I have I have two images in the exhibit: Winter River Reflections and Spring Tree, Afternoon. This exhibit will be open through February 27. The gallery is open from 11am – 3pm Monday – Fridays. The gallery is located in Room 2210 near the Library in the SSC building



Beautiful Badlands

The Badlands were named “bad” because they were horrible to travel over in the days of wagon trains. There was little water, no plants, no cover, and difficult terrain to cover. The National Badlands Park was beautiful, however. We could see that the terrain would be difficult to travel, and indeed, there is little life, paths and ways to live off the land. My expectations of the Badlands was a neutral colored landscape, with little variation. What I saw was amazing! Shades, variations, textures, rolling hills, colors in bands of the soils, plants in crevices, water-shaped canyons, rippled walls from erosion- all these words describe the Badlands. This image is one of many that show the beauty of the Badlands.