Hamburg Gallery

Our Pre-Excursion Tour. Included was a boat tour of the harbor and a city walk. Our primary goal was to adjust our bodies to the time change to prepare for the cruise. But Hamburg surprised us. We had delicious meals, lovely walks, and a huge harbor to explore. Living in the transportation hub of the US, we are used to many train, truck and even freighters bringing and taking cargo through Chicagoland.

But in Hamburg, is it dispersed throughout the suburbs, along rivers, canals, beside train tracks and yes, in harbors in Lake Michigan. In Hamburg, it’s ocean to the mouth of the Elbe River to the harbor where all action takes place. Moving stacks of carriers from freighters to trucks, repairing ships, all with constant building. Residential and commercial buildings are interspersed amongst the harbor equipment. It is one very larger community centered around transportation.

In Chicago, a tour of several days would take you to many locations where all this activity takes place. In Hamburg, everything was in one large harbor, including even large cruise ships. And while the Elbe River started here, our cruise didn’t start until further upstream.

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