ViewBug Contest – Purples

I enter a number of ViewBug contests. The Purples contest I scored the 20% and above for FOUR of my images. That’s a new milestone for me. As a Pro member, I can submit up to five images for each contest. I guess I’ve done good with my purple images. Here are the winners of Top 20% in the Purples Photo Contest:

ViewBug is a site for photographers to share their images, learn and enter contests. It also offers a place to create a website. I have uploaded a number of photos and sorted them by type of image. You are welcome to browse and see what I have created.

ViewBug BeckyJaneDavis Website

Surprise! Fall Crocus Blooms

I found a surprising bloom of a fall crocus in a place I don’t believe I planted bulbs. Not that I’m complaining. Fall Crocus blooms are always a surprise as leaves are falling and most plants have died back. They are a very delicate flower, with translucence and a very thin stem. They often shoot up higher than the stem can support the bloom and end up falling down to the ground. Not this one! It stood up tall and strong so that I could capture it delicate beauty.

Is it the last snow of the year?

Spring was arriving. Green shoots were poking through the ground and dead leaves. A few early bloomers were showing off their color. And then, the Polar Vortex dipped south. The Polar Vortex and I have had encounters before.

Then the snow came. Not a lot, and it melted fast. But it is cold outside! The cold has made the daffodils wilt and buds are likely damaged.

And the little bit of snow brings photo opportunities! I had my iPhone 5s with me and I found interesting images in the snow.

Is this the last snow? Every year, summer arrives. 2016 will not be an exception!