Monarch on Autumn Joy

Butterflies have been a love of mine for years, but capturing them in photographs can be challenging in the wild.  That doesn’t stop me from trying!  I’ll share other butterfly images in the future, but this one is a favorite of mine.

I saw this monarch as I was walking with my mother-in-law outside her nursing home on a sunny, fall afternoon.  Autumn Joy goes from green to bright magenta to brown in a matter of weeks in the fall and is a favorite flower of mine.  This monarch was perching on the blossom sunning itself. I was using my Nikon film camera with color slide film.  I like the shallow depth of field, where the magenta blossoms in front and in back of the butterfly are blurred.  I scanned this slide and print it digitally.  I use this image on my business cards and for other personal uses.

This is the original full frame image:

This is the normal crop version I like:

This is the Instagram version:


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