Our Kitchen Remodel

We did a complete kitchen remodel 2015-2016 that was 35 years in the making! Demolished down to the studs and floorboards, and rebuilt to a new floor plan. We got all new appliances, an Italian porcelain floor, cherry custom cabinets in the kitchen area, oak cabinets in the dining area, totally rebuilt fireplace, moving windows, adding a mudroom, and creating a kitchen that s a delight to clean, cook in, entertain, and enjoy!

Throughout the process, I took images of the four corners of the room. These are the four corners as they progressed from cluttered to finished. Rymar Kitchens in Warrenville did an exceptional job throughout the entire time.

As a photographer, I found a never ending supply of interesting abstracts, texture, macros, and points of view that generated a body of work I call “Construction As Art” which you will see in the near future.

The images are before-cluttered, before-clean, demolition, framing, drywall, and the finished kitchen!

With over 1,000 images of the process it is taking time to organize, edit and prepare. There is more to come!

Street Construction As Art

There has been major construction in my life for two years. First the bridge, then our kitchen, and now the streets in the neighborhood. In each case, I’ve found patterns, shapes, textures and beauty in the process of construction. These are a few taken recently on my street.