Infinity Pool

Onondaga Cave State Park has an amazing cave. In a relatively small area, you can see a number of different cave formations including “Lily Pads.” This image was captured during a tour of the cave. The water dripping into the pool created rippling circles. Two circles coincided and formed a figure eight, or the symbol for infinity. The coloring of the cave, the rippling water, the symbolism and the lily pads themselves resulted in an image that I really like.

It was part of the exhibit, “Life As An Abstract,” at College of DuPage in 2009. It now hangs in my daughter’s living room.



“Breathe” has been the main image on my website for some time now. It was the key image for the series, “Hands That Worship,” a project that visually portrayed worship songs on the Michael W. Smith CD “Worship.” I put it on my website without copyright or metadata, a mistake I’m trying to correct with all new images. Breathe has been used by MANY blogs and websites for a host of different uses and meanings. I’ve only been asked once for permission to use it however. Go ahead and google “breathe” and look at images; it should come up near the top of the list.

A friend posed for this. It was captured on black and white film with my Nikon N80. I developed the film, then scanned it and printed it digitally. I was using 250 watt bulbs for lighting and got the focus and depth of field just right on this image. I was trying to get the effect of someone breathing life, using hands to channel the breath forward.

The lyrics to the song, “Breathe” include: “Your holy presence, living in me.” That is the subtitle of this image.


Waiting at O’Hare so I thought I’d use the time to start a blog project: posting some of my personal favorite images taken over the years with a short story of what was happening at the time, where the image was captured and why it’s a favorite. I’m also learning how to post from my iPhone, so we’ll see how this looks!

I love the detail and sharpness of this image. I was in Punta Gorda, FL visiting my parents. We went to their local museum, which includes a marvelous collection of hibiscus. Hibiscus has always attracted me and I could probably do an entire gallery of images I’ve taken over the years! I’d never see this variety before and I liked the colors. The bloom was in peak condition, the weather was lovely and there was no wind. I was practicing with my then new Nikon D200 and I got the focus, aperture and composition just right.

This image was chosen on Flickr’s Hibiscus Wonder as a winner.